The Sexpert’s Top Picks: DECEMBER 2018

It’s been a while since I’ve shared top picks, but let’s get back into it! Here are some exciting updates and sources that I came across this month:

NEWS: Reclassification of the Female Condom (FC2)

This news from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) means a more inclusive name for the female condom to “Single Use Internal Condom” – since it can be used in the vagina as well as in the anus and may increase access by returning to availability over the counter (OTC). Read more here…

Planned Parenthood: “Taking Care of Your ‘Pussy'” (YouTube Channel)


This quick (<3 minutes each) three-episode series on vagina and vulva anatomy, sex and masturbation, and personal health features adorable cats, cat-themed puns, and lots of useful information.  Their “pussycat purr-fessionals are here to edu-cat you”!

ASHA’s Sex+ Health (Podcast)Sex + Health logo

“The Sex+Health podcast from the American Sexual Health Association covers all aspects of sexual health. Featuring interviews with medical professionals and experts in the field of sexuality, Sex+Health aims to offer information and resources to with the goal of helping people take charge of their sexual health and understand its importance to overall well being.”


Have some sources you go to for your information? Email the Sexpert at and it may make the next Top Picks list!