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Sexpert topic round-up: seeing healthcare providers over the holidays

Hi Readers,

Heading home for the holidays can be a great time to schedule an appointment with your healthcare provider(s). Check out previously posted articles about different health-related screenings, switching birth control, and starting PrEP. We hope this is a friendly reminder to talk to your healthcare provider(s) about any health-related concerns you may have and about preventative care options.

-The Sexpert

The Sexpert’s Top Picks: February 2018

As The Sexpert, I enjoy not only giving advice on sexual and reproductive health, relationships, and personal hygiene, but also learning more about the broad topic of sexuality in general. When I am crafting my responses to your questions or enjoying my spare time, I look at different materials and often come across new content that I think you all would enjoy, too. These might include podcasts, books, videos, blogs, or visionaries who support sex positivity and discuss these topics in unique ways. Today, I’d like to introduce my new series: The Sexpert’s Top Picks. Here are some exciting sources that I came across this month:


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